Metal Zone

About the Metal Zone

Online since 2000, the Metal Zone is a Brazilian website specialized in Heavy Metal and its genres: thrash, death, black, progressive, white plus hard rock and rock n roll.

Created by journalist and designer Filipe Souza (, the portal is online more than ten years with a proposal simple and straightforward: to entertain and inform. The Metal Zone is also a digital magazine on varieties that permeate the style and form part of the culture of fans of various genres.

Besides talking about the music, site discusses issues related to the comics, games, literature, performance and technology.

The Metal Zone's mission is to serve as an information resource with news content to entertain and foster discussion around a musical genre that moves millions of dollars not only in Brazil, but wideworld.

Through the use of CDs, DVDs, concerts and related products to our target audience. The Metal Zone also provides support for heavy metal music industry, contributing to the dissemination of events, concerts, interviewing bands and reviewing the cds of the established artists and beginners.